car accident lawyer

Car Accident lawyer

Car Accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

In an accident? Injured? Get a car accident lawyer now! Call Pomponio Injury Law today for a FREE consultation. If a car accident occurs, it can turn your life upside down. Instead of stressing about what steps to take, worrying about seeing the proper doctors, and getting your vehicle repaired, let Pomponio Injury Law handle everything for you.

When a car accident occurs, there are many moving parts with entirely different facts for each accident. And unfortunately, the insurance companies (even your own) are not on your side. At Pomponio Injury Law, we provide free assistance with vehicle repair, aid with scheduling doctor appointments if needed, and work towards a maximum settlement of your case.

In an accident, you are entitled to monetary compensation – a payment large enough to cover your medical expenses, lost earnings, and the pain and suffering you have endured. However, the auto insurance company’s goal is to settle for the least amount possible. It would be best if you spoke with a car accident attorney first. Every conversation you have with an auto insurance company can be used against you, but with legal representation from Pomponio Injury Law, you will have an advocate.

Leave all the work to Pomponio Injury Law and only concentrate on feeling better and getting your life back on track. Call Pomponio Injury Law today for a FREE consultation. Pomponio Injury Law represents clients involved in car accidents in both NEVADA and CALIFORNIA.

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"Nick helped me and my wife out with our car accident after dealing with another law firm that basically didn’t work on our case for three months. Nick is very professional and explained every detail whenever we had questions. Nick also assisted us in seeing the proper doctors and specialists, so we could get the relief and treatment we needed. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone I know. "